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    Recruitment position: analog circuit design engineer

    Job Type: Circuit Design

    Work location: Futian District, Shenzhen

    Description of job:

    1. Participate in every aspect of analog IC product design, including: product specification definition, circuit design analysis, circuit simulation, tape-out process selection, layout design and verification, and the formulation of test plan specifications;

    2. Define product specifications according to the customer's system requirements;

    3. Complete analog circuit testing and design documentation;

    4. Play a leading role in circuit design, testing and debugging, and have the ability to guide the layout

    Job requirements: 

    1. Master degree or above in microelectronics and related majors, 3-5 years of relevant work experience;

    2. Familiar with HVCMOS/HVBCD process;

    3. Proficiency in using Cadence-related analog circuit design tools;

    4. Successful LDO, DC/DC, AC/DC, LED driver, OP chip tapeout experience is preferred;

    5. Able to guide Layout layout, product testing and Debug;

    6. Strong sense of responsibility, good at communication, and focus on teamwork;

    7. Have good professional English reading and writing skills.

    Recruitment position: IC test engineer

    Job Type: Electronics/Electrical Appliances/Semiconductors/Instrumentation|Test Engineer

    Work location: Shenzhen Futian

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Develop a test plan according to IC product specifications and test requirements;

    2. Responsible for chip automatic test development and verification work;

    3. Responsible for the board-level system design and development of the automatic analysis platform;

    4. Participate in the R&D and testing of the project, complete the circuit parameter testing and circuit analysis tasks in a timely and accurate manner, and ensure that the functions and performance index parameters of the tested circuit are true;

    5. Use reasonable test methods and technical approaches to save test time and expenses, and improve efficiency.

    6. Arrangement and analysis of test data, and test report writing.

    Job requirements:

    1. Major in electronics, bachelor degree or above, more than 1 year experience in chip testing.

    2. Good C language foundation, familiar with basic &nbsp;Keil C&nbsp;programming, and certain embedded software development experience;

    3. Work conscientiously and responsibly, good at learning, and have a good team spirit.

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