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    Quality Assurance

    Our quality policy is

    Advanced technology, honesty, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction. With the help of high-tech supply chain, to provide customers with fast and satisfactory products.

    Design quality

    Guangdong Huaguan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. pays attention to quality and product reliability when designing products. From design, material selection, and suppliers to ensure product quality and reliability.

    Customer quality

    According to the quality policy of customer satisfaction, Guangdong Huaguan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. actively finds the root cause of the problem, provides corrective and preventive measures in the form of 8D reports, and continuously improves the quality of products.

    Supplier quality

    Guangdong Huaguan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. maintains efficient communication and close collaboration with relevant suppliers, actively carries out supplier audits, data collection and analysis, and quality-related matters, and provides continuous improvement plans.

    Quality system

    Guangdong Huaguan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. scientifically manages internal quality documents, quality rules and process frameworks, coordinates quality standard certification audits and supplier management audits, strictly controls supplier engineering changes (PCN), and ensures that products maintain stable production and continuous improvement. product quality.

    Quality standard certification

    Guangdong Huaguan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has passed the audits of many internationally recognized organizations, including ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system.

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